Action Storage Trade Has Launched! – What’s Next

As of today, our trade resellers now have a new resource to help them sell more Atlas and eXtreme lockers: Action Storage Trade.

With the launch of Action Storage Trade and as one of our trade resellers, this website now gives you:

  • The production information you need when you need it
  • Sales & marketing materials at your fingertips
  • The latest product news and updates
  • Your up-to-date prices

So, what should you do now?

We recommend reading the How To Guides to familiarise yourself with the website and how it functions.

Explore the products in the My Prices section, you will see some products you won’t have seen before and would make a strong addition to your current stock.

Then there’s the image library which not only contains an image for every product but also has promotional shots that are ideal for placing on marketing materials.

Additionally, we have also created marketing materials that you can you use right away including case studies, data sheets and leaflets. Each one also has space to add your logo and contact details.

Then once you’ve done all that we would love to hear your thoughts! We’ve created a survey and would highly appreciate you taking a couple minutes to give us your feedback.

What is Action Storage Trade doing now?

The first thing we are going to do is make sure all our resellers are set up and comfortable with using the website, ironing out any creases and listening to the feedback you send us.

After that, we already have plans on how to build upon the website and deliver even greater value to you.

These ideas include:

  • Adding more Atlas Lockers – these include Atlas Lockers with combination locks and lockers with the sloping top included.
  • Adding more product ranges to the site – To keep things simple at launch we included only Atlas and eXtreme lockers on the website, however, we will be exploring how to add Atlas Cupboards and Supershelf Shelving as well.
  • Adding more images – we’re looking to add installation images to the website that you can use to help showcase the lockers
  • Adding more documents – this includes more leaflets, brochures and installation guides. We’re also open to any requests you may have.
  • Adding the function to create orders – we are especially keen to hear your thoughts on this. The idea will be that you can use the My Prices section to create and place an order. We’re exploring how this would function at the moment and will keep you updated.

These are just our initial projects for the website but if you have an idea on how we can further improve the site please get in touch.

We would love to hear your thoughts! We’ve created a survey and would highly appreciate you taking a couple minutes to give us your feedback on the Action Storage Trade website.

Look forward to hearing from you

– Webmaster S

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