Atlas Steel Lockers are a high-quality solution to providing secure, personal storage. The design combines several market-leading features at competitive prices with the speedy delivery that Action Storage provides. With its versatile range of sizes, lock types, colours and more, Atlas Lockers provide the ultimate storage solution to schools and businesses alike.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Atlas Steel Lockers have a wide range of sizes, colours, lock types and more.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Security features such as full height reinforcement bars on every door.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Atlas Lockers have a unique quick-change door and lock barrel change systems.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Each lock type has extra thick cam bars and tough entry points.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


All the unique features are provided at a competitive price.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


There are accessories available to add further benefits to these lockers.

Every Atlas Locker was designed to provide a high-quality solution to personal storage which ensured security and provided versatility whilst being delivered at a competitive price. To achieve this, Atlas Lockers have incorporated several market-leading features:

  • A full height reinforcement bar and metal corner stiffeners on every door that prevent them from being easily bent or compromised.
  • Behind the door is a unique four-way frame to make it difficult to push the door inwards.
  • Easy to maintain due to its unique quick-change door system.
  • Quick, stress-free installation with pre-drilled nesting holes.
  • 1800mm high lockers with 1 or 2 doors are fitted with a coat rail and two hooks, with 1 door lockers also having a top shelf.
  • All doors (except 6 door lockers) are louvred for ventilation
  • Five standard colours with availability for custom requirements.
  • The doors are manufactured with an inset to accept 58mm x 28mm number plates.
  • Three-year warranty on every model.
Atlas Steel Lockers


The full list of available Atlas Locker dimensions is:

1800mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 300mm (d)
1800mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 450mm (d)
1800mm (h) x 450mm (w) x 450mm (d)
1372mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 380mm (d)
1372mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 450mm (d)
943mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 380mm (d)
943mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 450mm (d)

The single door and 2 door lockers are very popular for changing rooms or staff lockers at an incredible price. The 1 door locker comes with a convenient hat shelf for storing small personal items, and both come with a removable hanging rail and 2 hooks per compartment. The 3 and 4 door Atlas lockers are perfect for many environments including education, providing reasonably sized secure personal storage (without garment hanging). The 6 door steel locker is perfect for personal effects, and a very popular staff locker in large industrial and commercial settings. Note: the 6 door locker does not have louvred ventilation panels. Only available in 300mm wide.

Whilst 1800mm are the most popular height for Atlas Lockers, primary schools in the United Kingdom started to change from coat hook storage and new lockers had to be designed for their students. Internal storage of 226mm x 370mm with depths of either 415mm or 345mm were the most efficient in providing adequate space for their bags and coats whilst being at a height that is within reach.

These 943mm high 2 door lockers were designed to be ideal for primary schools (key stage 1). They are also the perfect height to fit under window sills and display boards. The lockers have widths of 300mm and are available with depths of 380mm or 450mm.

For students who are at Key Stage 2, we have designed these 1372mm high 3 door lockers. These lockers cater to more students per space whilst still being at a practical height. They have widths of 300mm and are available in depths of 380mm or 450mm.

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We offer a wide range of accessories specifically designed for Atlas Steel Lockers. This Includes:

Atlas Steel Lockers

Sloping Tops

These 150mm Sloping Tops prevent the accumulation of litter and other items.

Available in widths of 300mm and 450mm and depths of 300mm, 380mm and 450mm to fit our different locker sizes.

Atlas Steel Lockers

Locker Stands

These locker stands are ideal for areas where floors are uneven or need frequent cleaning.

Each foot can be hand-adjusted for heights between 170mm and 185mm to keep the lockers secure on uneven floors. They lockers are available in different sizes for each of the different size lockers with the stand nesting 2 or 3 lockers.

Atlas Steel Lockers

Number Plates

We have specifically designed tiles that can be placed on the lockers with unique identifiers such as numbers and are available in different colours.

Lock Types

Atlas Lockers can be fitted with different lock types to cater to different lock types.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Key / Cam Lock

The key / cam lock comes with 2 keys and has 4000 differs. Our unique extra thick key minimises the risk of snapping.

Master keys are available to enable an authorised person access to all compartments if required. Management keys simplify key management – no more keeping lists of key numbers and re-ordering keys. Simply use the management key to replace the whole barrel.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Swivel Catch

The swivel catch acts as a handle and can be easily padlocked with a standard or combination padlock.

This option is most popular with primary/junior schools.

The shackle bar of the padlock should be between 5-7mm.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Combination Locks

A mechanical, programmable combination lock, which comes with a management key enabling an authorised person to recover the previous code or reset it.

White and Black option available.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers


With the BeCode AIR lock, RFID has never been so easy. Simply hold an RFID card in front of the lock and then turn the lock 90 degrees to open.

Easy to integrate into existing RFID environments – compatible with all RFID systems in the 13.56MHz range including: Legic, Mifare, HID and Tagit.


Atlas Steel Lockers come with a comprehensive three-year warranty that covers the workmanship of the locker and anything deemed more severe than fair wear and tear. Accidental damage is not included but remember, it’s easy to fit new doors if necessary. Locks have a separate warranty of two years.

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