With a tough polyethylene construction, eXtreme Plastic Lockers are tougher-than-tough. Their undentable build makes them highly vandal resistant, durable and weather resistant meaning they are practical to be kept outdoors. From the intense sunshine of California to the freezing winters of Iceland, thousands of businesses and individuals use eXtreme lockers to securely store their possessions.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Super Tough

The eXtreme Plastic Lockers are constructed from hard-wearing polyethylene.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Weather Resistance

The locker was designed from the ground up, to withstand the harshest of environment.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Perfect for environments where cleanliness is critical.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


eXtreme Plastic Lockers comes fitted with a unique RD4 locking system.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


The modular design acts in the same way as bricks in a wall.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


We offer a wide range of accessories designed specifically for eXtreme lockers.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers are designed to be tougher-than-tough, able to survive the harshest environments and be an industry leader in security. To achieve the durability whilst being convenient and suitable in different environments, the lockers have a number of unique features:

  • Constructed from hard-wearing polyethylene making them undentable and vandal resistant.
  • The strong hinges have a maximum opening angle of 90° and can withstand 250kg of force.
  • Supplied with a key lock or swivel catch (for use with a padlock, not supplied) as standard – other lock options such as combination, coin return and coin retain are available.
  • 900mm high lockers have a double coat hook installed as standard.
  • The superior build quality ensures all door nibs are correctly aligned with the recessed grooves.
  • For hygiene, these lockers have small drainage holes to allow for hygienic washdowns with a high-pressure hose.
  • Pre-formed nesting holes for quick and easy installation.
  • Antibacterial paint finish.
  • Inset in the door to accept number plate.

Most importantly, eXtreme Plastic Lockers are so robust, they can be kept outdoors. With such workmanship, each locker includes a comprehensive 7-year warranty.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers


The eXtreme range is available in three heights of: 450mm, 600mm and 900mm. They all have a base size of 320mm (w) x 460mm (d).

As the lockers have the same base size, they can be stacked and nested to efficiently fill any space. The modular design acts in the same way as bricks in a wall with the resulting column being far stronger than a single unit ever could. The lockers can be stacked to a maximum height of 1800mm with a mix of different sizes and colours.

Each unit has a profiled top and corresponding recessed base, allowing the lockers to be easily stacked and combined with a range of accessories including sloping tops, locker stands and more.

Whilst the lockers are not pre-drilled for fixing they are manufactured with specially marked fixing points enabling the lockers to be securely fastened together using the provided corrosion resistant nuts & bolts.

eXplore Range


Alongside the lockers, we have a range of accessories that add different benefits and are designed specifically for eXtreme Plastic Lockers.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers

Sloping Tops

Designed to fit on the roof of the lockers, these sloping tops prevent litter and dust from accumulating keeping the area clean and tidy.

These sloping tops easily fit into the grooves on the roof of the lockers and can be fastened into place with non-corrosive screws. It has a base that is 320mm wide and 460mm deep with a curve that reaches 150mm in height. The tops are made of the same undentable polyethylene material as the lockers.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers

Locker Stands

Ideal for locker areas where floors need frequent cleaning composed of plastic square tubes and anodised aluminium to make it lightweight yet strong.

eXtreme locker stands can easily take the weight of a full 1800mm nested set of eXtreme lockers and their contents whilst securely keeping them in place. The lockers are simply slid on top of the stands. The stands are available in four colours: Blue, Red, Cream and Grey, with widths to nest either 2,3 or 4 lockers.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers

Number Plates

These are hard-wearing plastic discs which are securely fastened to an inset designed into the door and can be used with numbers or different characters.

These can be retrofitted with double-sided tape.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers


These benches provide the opportunity to combine lockers with seating, constructed from attractive yet strong 50mm square plastic tubing.

Lock Types

There are several lock options available for our eXtreme Plastic Lockers.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Key / Cam Lock

The key / cam lock comes with 2 keys and has 4000 differs. Our unique extra thick key minimises the risk of snapping.

Master keys are available to enable an authorised person access to all compartments if required. Management keys simplify key management – no more keeping lists of key numbers and re-ordering keys. Simply use the management key to replace the whole barrel.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Swivel Catch

The swivel catch acts as a handle and can be easily padlocked with a standard or combination padlock.

This option is most popular with primary/junior schools. The shackle bar of the padlock should be between 5-7mm.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Combination Locks

A mechanical, programmable combination lock, which comes with a management key enabling an authorised person to recover the previous code or reset it.

White and Black option available.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Coin Return/Retain

These coin operated locks can either return or retain the coin after each use.

For coin return locks, the user gets the coin back after use, whereas coin retain locks deposit the coin in a cash box. Both lock types are suitable in wet or dry areas, are sent with two sets of keys per lock and have a master key available to give authorised personnel access. Every order of coin retain locks include a key to retrieve the deposited coins.


We’re so confident in the integrity of our eXtreme Plastic Lockers that we include a comprehensive seven-year warranty to give you peace of mind that you’ve made the logical choice. This warranty includes the workmanship of the locker and anything deemed more severe than fair wear and tear. Locks have a separate warranty of two years.

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