Introducing – Thumb Lock Padlocks

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new product: Thumb Lock Padlock

This padlock has an innovative fingerprint sensor which unlocks with a touch in only 0.8 seconds! With no keys to lose, no codes to forget and no apps to confuse, the Thumb Lock Padlock provides a simple, secure locking solution.

Designed for long-lasting use, the battery lasts for 3000 unlocks and can easily be charged with the included USB cable. It’s also earned an IP65 waterproof rating making it suitable to be used outdoors as it easily fits the swivel locks on our Atlas and eXtreme Lockers.

The Thumb Lock is available now and ready for you to place orders. You can view the prices by logging in and visiting My Prices or request a full media pack by emailing us. Please note for this batch there is a minimum quantity order of 200 units.

Make sure you visit the  Image Gallery for images and check the leaflet and data sheet in the Document Library.

We hope you share the excitement for this latest product launch.

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