The Supershelf shelving system is trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies with the zinc-finish steel shelves installed in stockrooms, warehouses and archives worldwide. The solid construction of Supershelf makes the unit strong and durable whilst the modular design of the system creates near-endless flexibility making it a truly versatile storage solution.

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Bolt-Free Assembly

No screws required for a quick and hassle-free installation.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Each shelf is on a 33mm pitch that can be hand adjusted to suit the user's needs.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


A wide range of sizes and shelving types available.
Action Storage Extreme Lockers


Supershelf won't collect dust and be easily dismantled and relocated.
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Modular System

Shelving bays can be extended with multiple Add-on Bays.
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The Supershelf Shelving System is built to last witha two year warranty.

A key benefit of the Supershelf shelving system is its bolt-free assembly as it makes for a quick and easy installation no matter the environment. Combined with the ability to install the shelving as free-standing, it also means that it can easily adapt to the changing needs of a business, either by dismantling and rebuilding in a new environment or being adjusted to suit supplies and stock of different size.

Each bay has a maximum loading of 1500kg whilst the Uniform Distributed Load (UDL) per shelf depends on the width:

  • 900mm wide | UDL: 150kg per shelf
  • 1200mm wide | UDL: 150kg per shelf
  • 1500mm wide | UDL: 260kg per shelf
  • 1800mm wide | UDL: 150kg per shelf

The heavy-duty models have a UDL of 500kg per shelf and a max bay loading of 2000kg.

They are available in a vast number of sizes and specifications but we can meet custom specs where required, such as specific sizes or installing cladding and dividers.

Supershelf can be adjusted to suit a variety of storage requirements. From the stock room of a retailer to the cleaning supplies of the office, from the cloakroom of a hotel to the archives of a hospital, Supershelf can transform any storage space.


Supershelf Shelving


Supershelf shelving can reach heights up to 3.5m and adjusted to suit the requirements of the room. However, they are available in the following standard sizes:

Heights: 2000mm | 2500mm

Widths (left to right): 900mm  | 1200mm | 1500mm | 1800mm

Depths (front to back: 320mm | 400mm | 500mm | 600mm | 800mm

Shelf Levels: 4-8 (dependent on frame size)

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Shelf Types

Supershelf can be adjusted to suit a variety of storage requirements. This includes:

Supershelf Shelving

Solid Panel Shelves

The standard variation of shelving. Panels have strengthening ribs to make them strong and slot into place on the shelf beams. Ideal for storing flat items such as boxes, folders or folded garments.

Supershelf Shelving

Perforated Panel Shelves

Similar to the solid panels however they have perforated holes over 50% of the surface area. Ideal for environments that require water from fire sprinklers to quickly pass down the shelf levels.

Supershelf Shelving

Single Sided Hanging Rail

Hanging rails on one side only for use against walls. This allows picking and placing from one side of the rack with hanging rails placed one side of each level.

Supershelf Shelving

Central Hanging Rail

The hanging rails are centrally located so that garments are entirely contained within the bay. This is ideal in smaller stockrooms or for use with mobile systems.

Supershelf Shelving

Double Sided Hanging Rail

Hanging rails on both sides for access from two aisles, which is the most popular and economical garment storage solution.

Supershelf Shelving

Bin / Small Item Shelving

Bin Shelving is ideal for storing and organising small goods or components in stockroom, manufacturing or assembly environments.

Bay Types

Supershelf consists of two types: Starter Bays and Add-On Bays

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Starter Bays

Every shelving solution begins with the starter bays. They comprise of 2 vertical frames then either the beams and panels for shelving or the hanging rails.

Action Storage Extreme Lockers

Add-On Bays

The width of the shelving can then be extended with add-on bays. They include only one frame as it uses one side of the starter bay to form a full shelf. Multiple add-on bays can be used and don’t need to be the same width as the starter bay to give a versatile shelving solution.


Our Supershelf systems are built to last – but to give you complete peace of mind, they’re also subject to a two-year warranty.

The warranty covers the workmanship of the shelving, alongside any damage that was not caused by exceeding the weight limit on the shelves or as a result of any other improper use.

To make sure your Supershelf system remains fully functional, we strongly advise having it inspected every six months to identify any signs of deterioration.

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